Sunday, 10 May 2015



All products in my store are now available for purchase...!


hello and good morning wherever you are and whenever you are!

today will see the launch of my little Web Store. yay!

now, since i chose the free-of-charge option
i am only allowed one picture per item.
so i thought i'd use this space here to both
announce those items that i'm planning to sell
and show additional pictures of them. good idea?

i'm very excited to see how this will work out!
i will switch the store ON at 19:00h CEST (central european summer time),
which is UTC +2. for all your time-zone-checking needs please use this  Time Zone Map
if you need your prices converted use this  Currency Converter

i hope that somehow this will accommodate most of you ...

alright, here goes!

the first items up in my new store are going to be:

° the only leftover "Red Eyed Röayl Blüe" HÜG from ToyCon UK 2015 (5/5)
   €41 / £30 / $46 + international shipping, trackable

° one pink "Sträwberry Flüff" flavoured HÜG
   €41 / £30 / $46 + international shipping, trackable

° one blänk "DIY" HÜG  (two more will follow during the week)
   €27.50 / £20 / $31 + international shipping, trackable

° one yellow Hitch Hoiker
   €82.50 / £60 / $92.50 + international shipping, trackable

° one green Hitch Hoiker
   €82.50 / £60 / $92.50 + international shipping, trackable

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


hello you lovely handful of readers/followers!
as you can see i'm trying to have this blog running again.
i'm also setting up a little webshop over at bigcartel that
will be linked to this blog. since i'm no good at all at designing
these websites - even with all the templates they give you - 
it will take some time until i have everything looking the way
i want it to. anyhoo, this is the first time i'm blogging from
my pad-thingy and i thought i might just post a picture from
this years ToyConUK, which i attended as an exhibitor for
the first time. and i sold nearly everything i had brought!
i had many a nice chat and all the people that stopped by to
take a look at my resins were super nice and enjoying the event.
a splendid time was had by all.
of the six remaining pieces three were "sold" via Instagram
and will go out to customers once they have arrived back at my
place for a quick check and maybe a new box...

alright. let's see how the picture-posting works from the pad...

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Oldies Goldies? Oldies Bronzies!!!

hello there!
the molds for this are a couple years old and have been used many times-
and they are still quite okay! this is a fresh bronze version of a figure/kit that i
created quite some time ago. this goes to Mr T. from NJ.
i also found my old pics of this figure in a more colourful coat of paint, so have a look... 

Monday, 17 March 2014

The Finished Prototype Of...

well, i haven't been able to come up with a name yet, but anyway.
here's the prototype master of something that i will be schlepping
along to ToyCon UK in april so he can look around and maybe find some friends...

Saturday, 15 March 2014

About Time For An Update!

welcome back to my blog. it has (again) been a couple months since i updated this thing. i seem to forget that i have a blog, really. i must put a sticky-note to my comp screen to keep reminding me...

anyway, these pictures show a Tequila 2.0 vinyl toy custom i did as a comission for a very patient
collector from the US.

i really enjoyed this one. the Tequila 2.0 (which you can see above in its original version) is a cool
platform to work on. lots of attitude...

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Tag Team Partners Teddy Trooper No. 3

 well, hello hello and welcome back! this is the third in a series of (hopefully one day) 10 Teddy Troops customized along this theme. this was a comission for eddie/vinyltoyz.