Tuesday, 17 May 2011

This is gonna be interesting...

hey there!
this is my first post in my first own blog. ever.
since i haven't got the foggiest of clues as to how or what,
i think i'm just gonna post stuff based on and around my passion -
customizing vinyl toys and sculpting and collecting vinyl toys
and making and selling collectible items and so on...
i still have to find my way into this whole new world of blogging
and that will definitely take some time.

so, here's my latest customized vinyl toy - a SQUADT by FERG/Jamungo.
check out all of FERG's squadts  here

this custom will go up for auction on the bay this weekend!

HOG Squadt Custom by muffinman

hoping to get a clue of all this bloggideedooda fastly. more stuff to come.
what else...? well, check out my flickr, please, here

thanks for stopping by