Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Some More Stuff!

Hey there!

haven't been posting in the last couple months due to a crazy schedule and overall busi-ness.
but it seems like i just found me some spare minutes to update this neglected blog with

another "Chopping Block"-ized 3A WWR Square
 this was made for fellow 3A boardie gregm. thanks a lot, greg.

then there's these two dunnies i made for fellow KR boardie lfarnc. one Chuckboy and one regular dunny all cyber-ed up. 

 i had a great time making these. thanks lfarnc!

i also made a second piece in my TagTeamPartners series of Teddy Troops for fellow KR boardie turntoys:

i really like how this one turned out!

i also made this little girl dunny for fellow KR boardie tsoli
 this was made using only posca markers and a fineliner. a lot of fun!

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